Beauty without the Beast

Try our super gentle, long lasting ammonia free color!

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This is not your typical salon. Like your favorite microbrew, this is a microsalon; one chair, one stylist. It's a one of a kind experience, in a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere that is completely focused on you from start to finish. 

If that weren't enough, you'll have the most natural salon experience possible. Tired of your scalp itching and burning during your color? Do the toxic smells in the salon make you sneeze or give you a head ache? The only thing you'll smell here is essential oils. With the most natural, effective and long lasting ammonia free color and natural products, you will have a sincerely pleasant service.

As a part of Lakeview Yoga Wellness Center, you can also schedule a massage, facial, take a yoga class and have a complete spa day.

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